Returning Home After a Wildfire

If your home was affected by a wildfire, do not return home until authorities say it is safe. Use caution when entering burned areas as hazards may still exist, including hot spots, ash pits and fallen power lines. Then take these first steps to inspect your home to ensure that you and your loved ones … Continue reading Returning Home After a Wildfire

Red Cross Help “A Blessing”

by Winnie Romeril, Red Cross Public Affairs As the Creek Fire swept through the Sierra Nevada foothills, many Mono tribal members, like Thomas Riley, were forced from their homes into the arms of the Red Cross. “We know so many families who have lost their homes and everything they had. Our community was hit hard,” … Continue reading Red Cross Help “A Blessing”

“Alexa, How Can the Red Cross Help?”

by Dave Wagner, Public Affairs Volunteer Accessing life-saving information and tools from the Red Cross is easier than ever. Our award-winning suite of free smartphone apps already put Red Cross content at your fingertips. Now, all you have to do is ask Alexa! Skills for Alexa now include critical first aid instruction, putting free and … Continue reading “Alexa, How Can the Red Cross Help?”

What Are They Saying About Red Cross Mobile Apps?

by Dave Wagner, Public Affairs Volunteer From how to be safe and prepared in an emergency to how to take care of your pet, the American Red Cross has a suite of apps for mobile devices that includes something for everyone. Emergency App The all-inclusive Emergency App combines more than 35 emergency alerts to help … Continue reading What Are They Saying About Red Cross Mobile Apps?

Wildfire Preparedness During a Pandemic

Wildfires can be nearly as impossible to prevent, and as difficult to control, as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. The fall wildfire season typically begins mid-October and continues through December. Fires can happen any time of year, but there is a higher risk during this period because of low-humidity and other fire-conducive conditions. With millions of homes near … Continue reading Wildfire Preparedness During a Pandemic

¿En Qué Puedo Ayudarle?

Helping the Red Cross Help the Community By Dave Wagner, Public Affairs Volunteer Volunteering with the Mass Care team in 2013, David Dees was the only Spanish speaking worker at a Red Cross emergency shelter set up for victims displaced by a structure fire in Oxnard. “I was completely overloaded,” David recalls. “The fire had … Continue reading ¿En Qué Puedo Ayudarle?

Red Cross Volunteer Gail Mcgaugh on “Why I Help”

By Sharon J. Alfred, Red Cross Senior Journalist Volunteer There are many reasons people choose to become Red Cross volunteers. According to Gail Mcgaugh, a volunteer for the American Red Cross of Central California, participating in a Red Cross Home Fire Campaign was an ideal way to learn fire safety tips and to get to … Continue reading Red Cross Volunteer Gail Mcgaugh on “Why I Help”

Keeping Pets and Owners Together in Wake of the Ferguson Fire

Red Cross and CCADT shelter over 500 pets of wildfire evacuees [Photo Credit: American Red Cross] Fleeing from wildfires can be traumatic and having pets close has been proven to reduce stress and comfort owners driven from their homes by fire. This inspired Katrina Poitras, Central Valley Red Cross Disaster Program Manager, working with Naomi … Continue reading Keeping Pets and Owners Together in Wake of the Ferguson Fire

Get Prepared California! Auction

With an unprecedented amount of large-scale natural disasters over that last several months, many striking right here in California, we’re even more grateful for our volunteers, donors and partners. This incredible level of response demonstrates the need for preparedness and what it means to have a kit, make a plan and be informed. And, while … Continue reading Get Prepared California! Auction

Wildfire Burn Areas Bring Threat of Landslides

Recent wildfires may be contained, but the threat of new natural disasters linger in impacted communities. Wildfire burn scars are more vulnerable to landslides, meaning that many neighborhoods recently evacuated due to fires are once again seeing their homes threatened. With rainfall impacting most of our Central California Region next week, the Red Cross is … Continue reading Wildfire Burn Areas Bring Threat of Landslides